Lecture by Dr Charles A. Gauci Chief Herald of Arms of Malta: The Evolution of Heraldry in Malta

Join us for a fascinating lecture that celebrates the rich heritage of heraldry in the Maltese Islands. Organised by Heritage Malta in collaboration with The Delegation of Malta of the Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus (OSSML), this visually captivating presentation delves into the origins and primary sources of local coats of arms and their development. Discover the intriguing world of nobility, both Maltese and foreign, as it evolved and continues to exist in Malta unofficially, while gaining insights into the challenges faced by students and scholars of heraldry.

Experience a compelling exploration of the timeline leading to the establishment of the prestigious Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta and the historic appointment of Dr Gauci as the nation’s first Chief Herald.

Immerse yourself in the intricate details of the 2021 Heraldry and Genealogy regulations as we dissect and explain important clauses that shape the realm of heraldry in Malta. Uncover the step-by-step process of petitioning for the granting or registration of Arms, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of this chivalric tradition.

Entrance to this event is free though donations are welcome and will be directed to Peter Pan the OSSML’s international charitable project.